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West Wing Adult Care Home is an Arizona licensed residential assisted living home located in the west valley. We provide personalized assisted living services for elderly individuals seeking an intimate home setting. We strive to enhance the quality of life for our residents while preserving their individual self-esteem and privacy.

What Is Residential Assisted Living?

Residential assisted living homes are somewhere in the middle between nursing homes and in-home-care. They are often referred to as adult care homes, or group homes. They are private, residential facilities that provide care for the elderly who can no longer live independently and require assistance with activities of daily living. The Arizona Department of Health Services defines an assisted living home as "a residential care institution that provides…supervisory care, personal care, or directed care on a continuing basis… for up to ten people".

West Wing Adult Care Home is a single family home that provides up to 10 residents one-on-one care and assistance.

Why Choose West Wing Adult Care Home:

With over 20 years of combined experience our staff is expertly trained in providing quality care for your loved ones. Combined with our passionate heartfelt care, commitment, and home-like atmosphere families can rest assured knowing we have both the experience and professionalism to attend to their loved ones’ needs.  Our dedicated staff is friendly, helpful, and unfailing in safeguarding individual dignity.

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